Finding New Challenges off the Beaten Track

Top executives sometimes lose their positions quickly for a variety of reasons. External developments such as a takeover by a competitor or investor, a new CEO in the holding company or changes in the composition of the supervisory or board of directors often lead to a separation. And sometimes top executives very self-confidently resign at their own request, for example because they cannot or do not want to support strategic decisions of the owners.

This is where we come in as experienced experts. We will work with you to develop an individually tailored strategy for professional reorientation at higher and top management levels, including a carefully structured plan entailing the corresponding milestones. First we focus on the analysis of your situation and the development of your individual solution. As a second step we support the implementation and action phase until your new professional perspective becomes reality. In doing so, we put your personal wishes and inclinations into a healthy relationship with the structure and opportunities of the labour market’s top segment.

We attach great importance to your convincing presentation, taking a holistic perspective to create a captivating appearance across all channels – from digital presentations to traditional documents. For the personal meetings and interviews we will work out a communication strategy with you and practice it with you.

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