Privacy Policy

We guarantee data protection

Any data we receive from our clients as well as from interested parties is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

The technical possibilities for collecting certain client profile data are basically given on the Internet and could also be used with this website, for example by web providers. As a provider, we do not in principle commercialize customer profile data.

When web pages are transmitted over the Internet, IP addresses of the user are automatically stored in the log. However, we do not know the identity of the respective users and do not attempt to find out by covert methods (such as web bugs or similar).

Personal data is not collected by us in this respect. Also, no usage profiles are created about our customers by means of data mining tools.

Furthermore, direct or indirect forwarding to third parties does not take place.

Exceptions to this are the forwarding of client profiles to personnel consultants, insofar as this is expressly desired by the respective client.


All data exchange between your web browser and our websites is encrypted and secured with an SSL certificate.

What data is processed and how and when it is deleted

All data transmitted by you to us will first and necessarily be stored in the e-mail program on the mobile and stationary end devices of our consultants. At the same time, your e-mails are kept on the server of our provider Mittwald Medien for 14 days so that we can retrieve your inquiries should there be a case of damage to one of our end devices.

For the duration of a project, we store your data locally on the hard drives of our end devices (as a rule, each consultant stores the cases he or she is working on for himself or herself). After the end of a project, the documents we process remain offline on the local end devices for the medium term by default, as well as in a physical archive for the long term.

Unless otherwise specified by you, any email correspondence that does not have to be retained for 10 years for legal/accounting reasons and is accessible on our devices will be irrevocably deleted after a maximum of 5 years.

We store key information about each project and the client's name in our password-protected web-based administration tool. This assignment is essential for proper invoicing. Not stored in the cloud are the documents we process. So, if there is a hacker attack on our server, no one will get to the documents that contain the possible actual information value with personal data.

We do not trade with your data and do not pass them on for other possible reasons. Since executive search is not the core of our service, but rather career support and coaching, we also have no causal interest in trading data.

Data deletion after project completion

Upon request, we will irretrievably delete your data and all processed documents. Please note that in this case you will no longer be able to request documents from us if you lose them due to damage to your terminal equipment or other events. We would like to point out that individual clients may well request their texts from our archive even after more than 10 years, and we are happy to comply with this request.

If our end devices are replaced, all data on the devices to be returned will be deleted.

Klaro! Consent Manager

Klaro is a free open source tool that allows you to manage consent for your website in an intuitive, user-friendly and privacy-compliant way. The project initiator of this technology is KIProtect GmbH, Bismarckstr. 10-12, 10625 Berlin.

Only if you agree to the use in the "opt-in" procedure, a Klaro! cookie ("klaro") is stored in your browser, in which the consents you have given or the revocation of these consents are stored.

This data is not shared with Klaro! developers. The collected data will be stored until you delete the Klaro! cookie or the purpose for storing the data no longer applies. Mandatory legal retention periods remain unaffected. Details on the data processing of Klaro! cookie can be found at

You can reset your settings here.